Welcome to the official wiki for the APTA Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapists Academic & Clinical Educators Special Interest Group!

This wiki has been created by members of the SoP Academic & Clnical Educators SIG as a space to share educational resources and learn more about using a wiki for education. This is a public wiki, which means that anyone may contribute content and edit the site.

Tips for Academic & Clinical Educators:

This wiki was created as a space for you to find and share information and resources related to pediatric PT education. You may navigate to one of the existing pages in the left sidebar to find or add your content. If you have content that doesn't belong on one of the existing pages, feel free to create a new page! You are also welcome to start a discussion or utilize any other feature(s) of this wiki that may be helpful.

Getting Started

  • In the left sidebar under "All Pages," find the page you'd like to view or edit. Please feel free to add more pages if you like. You may add a page by clicking the + symbol next to "Pages and Files."
  • Click on the edit button above to put your own content on the page. We encourage you to use the "file" and "widget" functions as much as possible. It is much more fun and accessible to view an actual document, photo, or video within a page rather than having to click a link to another site to find it.
  • Note that this is a "public" wiki. This means that anyone can view and edit. If you see content that is inaccurate or inappropriate, please remove or revise it accordingly. We do have the ability to track the revision history of this wiki and we can (and will) block users who post inappropriate content. We are able to restore previous versions, so don't panic if you happy to be editing a page and lose some content (or find something you posted has been erased). Remember that anyone can view this wiki and it's contents are searchable on the web. As such, if you are concerned about your identity being made public on this page, you should create a wikispaces username that does not include your real name, and you should not post your name anywhere within the wiki. This also means that NO protected health information may be posted on the wiki.
  • Have fun, be creative and collaborative. This is your wiki and a resource you will be able to use for your courses and beyond.

Need Help?

Social Media & the Section on Pediatrics

Please visit the Section on Pediatrics Social Media site for more information, including tips and recommendations for using social media as a professional.